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Zap Asia is an advanced equipment distributor to the fast-growing electronics and semi-conductor manufacturing facilities as well as high-tech R&D centers across Asia. Our top management have more than 25 years experience in this field of industry. Our mission is to cope with the rapid-changing technology by providing comprehensive sales and excellent technical services to all of our clients

Customer Satisfaction means everything to us. We do believe it is the key factor that will make us stand out of the competition. Therefore, we've always promoted the best and reliable equipments in the market to all of our clients.

Along with best and reliable products promotion, we also have the commitment to provide excellent technical supports for any single equipments purchased through us.


All of our Sales staffs have more 20 years experience in this field of industry. We keep learning and doing extensive research to seek new advanced equipment to bring up our client's productivity, so that we can grow stronger together.

We persistently promote only the best and most reliable process equipments, metrology systems, and other scientific instrumentations available in the market. We build trust with our clients by communicating clearly and openly and always deliver what we have promised to them.

We work together not only with the clients, but also with all of our principals, by providing them local market research (especially Asia market) and sending feedbacks on the performance of the equipment we have commissioned, so that the principals will be able to make positive improvements and growth on their business


Our core Technical Supports team consists of engineering experts that have more 20 years experience in installing advanced equipments and provide continuous technical supports and services. We keep upgrading our technical knowledge and skills by routinely sending our engineers overseas for training.

Our Technical Supports team are always there to help our clients to ensure their equipments are always in good shape and high uptime. Our clients can rest assured that their equipments will be well-maintained with adequate spare parts and professional labour supports.

Our Technical team always works closely with our principals's Technical staffs and experts, whom are mostly based in the United States or some Europe countries to ensure all kinds of technical issues can be resolved fast and smoothly.






Latest Business Activities and Event Updates


Jun - 2018

Semicon Southeast Asia, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 2018

Hong Kong, China 11 Jun 2018

Zap Asia participated in Semicon Southeast Asia in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on 22-24 May 2018. We represented all of our principals in this event







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Jan - 2018

Zap Asia receives order of Plasma Therm equipment for a client in Singapore

Hong Kong, China 31 Jan 2018

Zap Asia receives order of Plasma Therm equipment for a client in Singapore.

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