Our Brands

ZAP Asia has continued to enjoy partnership with an extensive range of principals who are valueable in helping us provide value-added service to our customers

Nanovac AB provides more than 25 years experience in supplying advanced solutions for vacuum technology projects, including a wide range of thermal vacuum chambers, as well as automation solutions for all types of vacuum equipment. Nanovac AB will also help you solve your vacuum automation needs.


Nanovac AB was founded on a vision of solving advanced vacuum technology requirements, it provides a unique combination of knowledge, ranging from the mechanics and physics of vacuum technology to the automation requirements of demanding vacuum applications. If you can think it, Nanovac AB can build it.

ITI is a world leading manufacturer of super-abrasive products focused on Precision Dicing Blades and Fine-Grinding (Flat-Honing) Plates. ITI products are used globally on an infinite variety of applications including semiconductor packaging, glass, ceramics, crystals, composites, silicon carbide, hard disk drives, compound semiconductors, Chip-LED, HP LED (High Power LED), quartz, and also a variety of metals.


All of the super-abrasive products that ITI provides are custom tailored for your application and process.

Plasma-Therm is a manufacturer of plasma etch, deposition, and advanced packaging equipment for specialty semiconductor and nanotechnology markets. Plasma-Therm has been an innovator in plasma-processing technologies since 1974. The company now holds more than 40 United States and international patents for plasma processes and equipment inventions.


Plasma-Therm‘s plasma-processing and advanced-packaging solutions are used in research, pilot manufacturing, and volume production. Plasma-Therm is committed to the development of systems and services that meet the diverse requirements of our global customer base. The success of this commitment is recognized by VLSI research Customer Satisfaction awards, which Plasma-Therm has received every year since 2000.