Developer SMD-200-E

They are designed to clean and to etch wafers up to 8” or substrates up to 6” x6 ” (150 x 150mm). The process chamber works up to Ø 212mm.

  • Up to 50 programmes with 24 segments each can be programmed
  • Quick start function for repeat processes
  • User-friendly process configuration with touch screen panel
  • Process parameter: speed (rpm), acceleration, time (sec.), spray-time developer(sec.), speed of spray arm, rins and N2 drying
  • Electrical driven spray arm, with dynamic or static function
  • Developer line and media tank for one developer included (up to 4 developer lines possible)
  • Nozzle for DI-water-rinse and N2 drying on the spray arm
  • Control elements for compressed air and vacuum for dispensing included
  • Closed process chamber for process safety
  • Manual loading and unloading of the substrates
  • Mechanical substrate fixation
  • Acoustic signal when the process has finished
  • Additional developer line
  • Developer tank heating system (2 ltr.)
  • Spray nozzle made of stainless steel (0,3 / 0,5mm)