Plasma-Therm process equipment retains high value because of its reliability and longevity. For most systems, upgrades are available to customize these products to meet the needs of a variety of different markets.


Plasma-Therm's pre-owned products are available in four categories:

  • As-Is—the system is sold without any certification of reconditioning or testing.
  • Certified Tested—the system will be tested and a complete status report provided to certify the current condition of the system.
  • Certified Reconditioned—the system (e.g., component part, subassembly) is restored to the original normal operating condition by readjustments and material replacement.
  • Rebuilt—the system is tested and restored to a like-new condition in accordance with original manufacturing tolerances or specifications. Consists of those services/actions necessary to restore any and all unserviceable component parts, subassemblies, assemblies and equipment.