Plasma-Therm's control software implements numerous productivity enhancement features, including real-time graphical representation and logging of process data, factory connectivity, and automated system cleans. Optional process-control and data-visualization software can be easily integrated with most system configurations.



EndpointWorks® is a modular, highly flexible endpoint detection system that utilizes multiple inputs to determine process endpoint. With the appropriate sensors, EndpointWorks® can detect endpoint based on laser interferometry, reflectance, optical emission spectroscopy (OES), optical emission interferometry (OEI), RF parameter monitoring, or nearly any other available endpoint technique. EndpointWorks® also features a wide array of user-friendly tools to assist in the analysis of historical data and optimization of new recipes. The modular nature of EndpointWorks® means that new endpoint techniques can be rapidly integrated with existing systems and put into production.

Data logging and charting

Cortex® control software offers comprehensive data logging and charting functions. Data can be displayed in tabular format, and charts can be created from real-time data and process data saved on disk. Parameter data and multi-parameter charts can viewed within Cortex® also can also be exported for use in other programs.

Automated maintenance

Automated maintenance functions in Plasma-Therm's control software can help improve system efficiency and reduce unexpected down-time.

With Automated Clean and Prep (ACAP) in Cortex®, plasma conditioning and cleaning routines can be set to run according to a variety of triggers, including the number of jobs or wafers that have been run, total RF-on time, and accumulated film thickness. Recipes can also be tagged and the tags incorporated into ACAP rules, such as running a prep recipe when a tag changes, and resetting counters whenever a recipe tagged "Clean" is run either automatically or by an operator.


GLANCE™ is a comprehensive data-logging and visualization tool included with all Plasma-Therm systems. GLANCE collects and stores data from one process chamber or an entire fleet of tools in a centralized database. Multiple users can simultaneously run Glance, using any device — desktops, laptops, and tablets — to examine and chart process data. You can chart multiple parameters from one process run, and compare a parameter across multiple runs. GLANCE™ also allows comparison of recipes and can highlight differences in recipe parameters. And GLANCE™ works with the live database and with exported datasets, so engineers can review events, alarms, process parameters and recipes at any time, anywhere.

Factory integration

Plasma-Therm offers a factory automation interface that conforms to SEMI SECS/GEM standards. Licensed separately, the automation interface allows factory automation host systems to communicate with Plasma-Therm tools for actions such as downloading recipes, defining jobs, and responding to events and alarms.