Plasma-Therm’s LAPECVD™ (Large Area Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition) uses a cassette-to-cassette configuration to allow for high-volume production in a wide range of applications. The LAPECVD™ platform can be used to deposit a variety of thin-film materials with its parallel-plate plasma deposition system.


  • Cassette-to-Cassette Handling
  • Multi-substrate batch processing
  • Dual cassettes
  • Platen heating up to 350°C
  • Upper electrode RF power at 13.56 MHz with optional MFD
  • Up to 8 gas channels with digital MFCs
  • Thermally managed reactor design—up to 175°C for internal walls and shower head


  • Integrated multifunctional endpoint capability with EndpointWorks.
  • Unique OEI application for real-time film thickness and rate monitoring.
  • OES for optimized chamber clean.


  • User friendly software
  • Comprehensive data logging
  • Automated cleaning program
  • Real-time process data display
  • Fully integrated endpoint system
  • Factory automation compatible (SECS/GEM)
  • Edit recipes during runs
  • Multiple user access levels
  • Alarm history


  • Stress control
  • High uniformity
  • Low damage
  • Low particulates
  • Tunable index
  • Increased productivity with batch loading capability
  • Low temperature