Advanced Vacuum’s Vision platform provides flexibility for a range of applications that includes semiconductor fabrication, material science, and failure analysis. The systems, designed and built for efficiency, reliability, and small footprint, are available in several handling and plasma processing configurations to meet customer requirements. Advanced Vacuum, a Plasma-Therm company, is the manufacturer of the Vision 300 and 400 (formerly PTI 790+) series open-load etch and deposition systems. The Vision product lines provide technology for etch and deposition using the following configurations:
  • Vision RIE (Reactive Ion Etching)
  • Vision PECVD (Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition)


RIE and PECVD systems utilize open load or manual load arrangements

Productivity Enhancements:

  • Process Library: The Vision systems use well-established reactor technologies that provide reliable performance and come with guidance from a well-developed process library.
  • Endpoint: Both laser and optical emission spectroscopy endpoint technologies are available on Vision systems to augment processing capability.
  • Data Logging: Simplified data collection for sharing of process monitoring and recipe information.
  • Factory Communication: When enabled and combined with advanced self-diagnostic features, the systems communicate status to the factory and can assist in determining preventive maintenance scheduling and detect abnormal issues.