Plasma-Therm's Odyssey HDRF™ offers scalable, lab-to-Fab configuration, from a single chamber with manual loading, to production-ready systems with two load ports and up to two process chambers. A single-process chamber Odyssey HDRF™ can be upgraded at any time to dual process chambers. Dual-chamber systems can be configured for single-sided processing or sequential dual-sided processing. All Odyssey HDRF™ systems are built with highly reliable components to achieve system uptime of greater than 92%.


Specification summary

  • Low-temperature stripping from 50° C to 150° C
  • High-temperature stripping from 150° C to 250° C

Atmospheric Transfer module (EFEM)

  • Two load ports (cassette or SMIF)
  • SCARA robot
  • Wafer loading zone protected by ISO class 3 FFU

Process chambers

  • 13.56 Mhz ICP source
  • Hard-anodized aluminum chamber
  • Three gas lines standard; one additional gas line optional. Four additional gas lines optional in external gas box.
  • Base pressure < 1 mTorr
  • Integrated hybrid vacuum pump

Endpoint detection

  • Integrated spectroscopy endpoint system

Process characteristics

  • Low temperature
  • No device damage
  • Downstream processes
  • Double-sided stripping