Plasma-Therm’s internally developed process control software surpasses industry standards in repeatability and uniformity. Real-time endpoint monitoring of etch and deposition processes leads to reliable results.



In the past, separate applications controlled various endpoint technologies. With Plasma-Therm’s newly developed EndpointWorks™, a single application addresses multiple endpoint sensor inputs. EndpointWorks™ is fully integrated with the process module control software.

EndpointWorks™ is capable of receiving inputs from many different sensors and then uses a “decision” feature to analyze the data to determine a highly reproducible endpoint.

The following sensor systems are available with EndpointWorks:

  • Laser Interferometry: Using the well-known principles of interferometry coupled with a solid state ccd camera for laser spot location, etch depths are measured using interference patterns reflected from the substrate.
  • OES: Film layers are detected using light emitted from the plasma. Spectral changes occur when etch of the target layers are achieved.
  • OEI: Target film thickness is tracked and measured via an optical emission. By optically tracking film thickness or etch depth in real time EndpointWorks™ can counteract variables and produce accurate results every time.
  • System Parameters: EndpointWorks™ is capable of being programmed with various system parameters to detect changes triggered at endpoint. Examples: throttle valve position, matching capacitor positions.
  • Custom Inputs: EndpointWorks™ is capable of customer specific external inputs. Examples: RGA, ellipsometer.


SpectraWorks is a legacy OES endpoint control system.
SpectraWorks is currently available at version 5.1
SpectraWorks is upgradeable to EndpointWorks™ with recipe transferability.